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The world would be a better place if everyone knew that they were loved.
Receiving love and giving love starts within yourself. It starts with self discovery. 
When you begin to understand yourself, you begin to find authentic acceptance for yourself.
When you find acceptance for yourself, you begin to find unconditional love for yourself.
When you find love for yourself, you can give it unconditionally to others. 
It’s a beautiful cycle that begins with you!

All of our products are hand picked and are of the highest quality and vibration possible.
At DayLuna we only stock items that we truly want and need in our daily lives and that we will actually want to use time and time again. Each item is then blessed and cleared with reiki before it travels to you, ensuring you receive the highest vibes possible. 

You will notice that we use the sacred number 108 through our pricing and throughout our products in general. 108 is the number for spiritual completion and is also the number for life and destiny. Not only does this number have many profound and ancient meanings (Mala beads have 108 beads..etc), it also holds many scientific meanings as well. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the Suns diameter. The distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon! This sacred number allows our solar system to have balance and life, thus we thought it was very fitting to honor and connect with this number through our work.

human design experts

Going through my Saturn Return was a challenging and beautiful, sacred journey. I opened my heart up so deeply to any tools that could really help me find alignment with my greater purpose.


The tools I found brought so much magic, inspiration, fascination, and clarity into my life. Sharing these ancient wisdoms and tools with friends and loved ones made me feel like I had found a treasure chest that I wanted the whole world to play with!

Dana Stiles, Co-Founder & CEO

2/4 Projector | Emotional Authority

Human Design changed my life and at first I just wanted to shout it from the mountain tops! I needed to figure out a way to share what I was learning with the world, but also live by my design.


I truly believe that if we connect with ourselves deeply and honor our true selves, then we can do the same for others. The world needs more of that - love, connection, and understanding will heal us and our future generations.

Shayna Cornelius, Co-Founder & CEO

2/4 Projector | G-Center Authority

human design experts
human design experts


​Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles, Human Design specialists and co-creators of DayLuna, are here on a mission to empower the collective towards self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity.


While they specialize in the realm of self-purpose and conscious entrepreneurship, they also dive deep into topics such as spirituality, parenting, and the new paradigm in their successful podcast, The DayLuna Human Design Podcast, which has generated over 1.5 million downloads worldwide.


Shayna and Dana feel passionately called to help spread the complex and life-changing science of Human Design to a wider community in a grounded and approachable way. Through their Personalized Human Design Ritual Boxes, Personalized Parenting Blueprints, Live Readings, and Video Courses, they have curated many different playful, yet informative offerings to help support individuals who are ready to step into their highest potential by honoring their unique energy.


Human Design is gaining popularity as our collective evolves toward a new paradigm, and DayLuna is passionate about training others to fully understand themselves with this complex system, not only through their offerings but also with their online Human Design reader trainings. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to your own potential and Human Design gives you a crystal clear manual on understanding yourself and unlocking your purpose.

Everything we learn about in science, astrology, or human design, has a negative side and a positive side to it. Dana and Shayna have curated tools that allow you to focus on the highest vibration and positive attributes about yourself - allowing you to know how to always choose to transcend negative energies, and always choose your happiest, healthiest, high vibe Self.

We came here to thrive, give love, and be love - let's do it, give it, and be it together.

"I'm so done with playing small,
cause I know that I am made of the Stars" - Fia

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