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  • How are the items personalized?
    When we receive an order we put together either your birth chart or human design chart based on your birth date, time, and place. We use your specific astrology, type, cross of incarnation, north node, authority, profiles and anything that stands out in your chart to help us select the items we feel will best support your personal journey in life! Every box is different and unique, because every person is different and unique :)
  • What is the deal with Pre-Order?
    Our boxes will start shipping out in late July - we are sourcing only the highest vibe items for the boxes, with so many different variables, to truly bring you only the best items to help you on your spiritual journey. We expect to receive all of our items by July and then we will start shipping out all of our pre-orders! If you place a pre-order, you will receive the item by the time specified in the details section of the item :)
  • Can I buy a personalized box as a gift for someone else?
    Yes! Our Human Design and Birth Chart boxes are great gifts (especially for birthdays!) and are very special and thoughtful! Simply place the name, birth date, time, and place of the person RECEIVING the chart in the details section when you check out. We use this information to curate the boxes, so it is important to make sure you put the recipients information there :)
  • What is the difference between the Human Design Box & the Astrology Birth Chart Box?
    Both boxes come with personalized tools. The Astrology Birth Chart Box tells you about your personality and your mind in specific detail to help you embody the highest vibration of your natural traits. Whereas your Human Design Box tells you about your energetic body and the way you need to use your energy to make decisions to experience less resistance in life.
  • Can you buy both the Human Design Box & the Birth Chart Box?
    Yes! If you buy both boxes, you will be receiving different information and items in each box and they both will support you in different ways :)
  • Can I buy just a digital Chart?
    Yes! Soon we offer digital Human Design, Astrology Birth Charts, and Saturn Return Workbooks that you can order online and receive in your inbox as an ebook! :) These are great if you want to order them for friends or if you want to order one box and buy another chart..etc.
  • Are the personalized boxes good for kids?
    Yes! The information that is in the charts are good for kids and parents to better understand how they process information and also for the parent to know how to best support them! Kids love the items in the boxes, even if they just keep them in their room somewhere - those high vibe items will support them from a far and will bring just a little bit more magic and loving/supportive energy into their lives.
  • Why is a lot of our pricing at $108?
    You will notice that we use the sacred number 108 through our pricing and throughout our products in general. 108 is the number for spiritual completion and is also the number for life and destiny. Not only does this number have many profound and ancient meanings (Mala beads have 108 beads..etc), it also holds many scientific meanings as well. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the Suns diameter. The distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon! This sacred number allows our solar system to have balance and life, thus we thought it was very fitting to honor and connect with this number through our work.
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