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Human Design tells us how our energetic bodies move and operate in the world around us.

It pinpoints the way in which our energy flows as an individual and offers us strategies and insight on how to use our energy correctly so we can find personal alignment as we live our unique life purpose. 

Human Design combines ancient and modern sciences. It synthesizes wisdom from the Chinese I-Ching, Western Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life and integrates this wisdom with Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, and Biochemistry.

What makes you uniquely you? What drives your soul forward and what is a reliable way for you to make decisions? What are you here to accomplish and learn in this lifetime? These answers and more are revealed through your unique Human Design.


Learn Human Design

Start with The basics


In Human Design, every person falls into a category of one of 5 Types - with their own unique combinations of Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Definition.
Knowing this information can provide deep insight into why we do what we do, what we need to stop doing (or decondition from), and how we can move forward in our lives as our most magnetic, abundant and authentic self.


Generators are approximately 37% of the population. They produce their own energy, and when doing something they love - they can work on it for hours with a seemingly endless supply of energy. They are here to work on what lights them up, and in turn, light up others and the world around them.


Approximately 33% of the population - Manifesting Generators are a mix of a Generator and a Manifestor! They are extremely capable and when doing what they love, they have a super-human ability to create things and then see them through to completion. Like the Generator, they are here to do what lights them up and in-turn light up the world around them - and they are able to be innovative and extremely inspirational/impactful, like the Manifestor. 


Approximately 7% of the population - Manifestors are here to initiate and impact. Their strategy is To Inform and they thrive when they do just that.

They do not create the same amount of consistent energy as a Generator or a Man-Gen does. They are here to create in spurts of energy and then take rest. By freely doing, creating, and saying what THEY want on their own terms, they act as an impactful catalyst to the world around them.


Approximately 21% of the population - Projectors are here to act as guides for the world around them. Every Projector has the ability to see things in a way that others cannot. Projector's greatest desire it to be recognized for their unique gifts and to share their guidance with the world. Once recognized, Projectors can have an incredible impact on the world around them.

Projectors do not create their own consistent source of energy, and  fuel off of the energy of those around them. It is vital for their health to prioritize having a lot of rest. They can burn out very easily, and because they are so efficient when they have energy, they really should only be "working" 2-4 hrs a day, and spend the rest of their time resting or honing their skills. This will bring them success and abundance in life.


Approximately 1% of the populations - Reflectors have a completely open chart.  Having all nine energy centers undefined allows them to have a profound source of embodied empathy. Their openness gives them the potential to be the wisest among the five types but also makes their energetic body very sensitive. It’s important for them to have plenty of alone time to empty out and recharge.

Reflectors are here to sample, mirror, and judge the environment around them. While they do not make their own consistent energy the way a Generator or Man-Gen does, they are able to take in, amplify, and use the energy others. It is key for them to learn how to live as themselves instead of living as an amplified version of the world around them. They are here to move humanity into a just, peaceful and cooperative global community with great wisdom and discernment.


We each have our own Strategy and our own unique Authority.

Your Strategy tells you how to navigate life, while your Authority tells you how to make major decisions.

Each person will only have one, and below is a brief breakdown of each:

Emotional - Solar Plexus Authority

Give yourself time

Those with Emotional Authority need to take their time in making major decisions. Their motto should be "let me think about it" or "I'll get back to you". This time allows them to settle their emotions to a neutral place to then find clarity in what decision to make. Unlike other Authorities, those with emotional Authority will not benefit from making spontaneous decisions. This may work for them every now and then, however, it will not be a consistent and reliable way for them to make energetically correct decisions. If they make a decision in the moment when they are excited, happy, or upset - they may regret the decision they've made later on when they get calm clarity on the matter.


It is important for them to ride out their unique emotional wave (their chart can tell which emotional wave they have) and then act from a place of emotional neutrality. Experimenting with this form of decision making will reveal to them just how powerful it can be for them to wait as it is guiding them toward divine timing.

Sacral Authority

Respond in the moment!

If you have Sacral Authority, this means that you make decisions in the moment, with your gut feeling. If you audibly respond with an "ah-huh" (yes) or "uhn-uh" (no) when asked a yes or no question, you will have an answer that you can trust. If you respond with a "hmmm", that means you need more time or need to be asked in a different manner. This is always a reliable way for you to make decisions that are energetically correct for you.

Truth and clarity for this authority is found in the present moment (with a gut feeling or audible response) and is reliable in reducing resistance in your life and maximizing satisfaction.

Splenic Authority

Listen to your present intuition & body

For those with Splenic Authority, it is important for them to stay in the present moment and to be deeply in tune with their body and its signals. They have a subtle, yet reliable intuition (or instincts) that help them make decisions. When they are present, they will "know" what is correct and safe for them and what is not. People with Splenic Authority must practice trusting this inner wisdom/voice/signal, as this is their truth and will bring ease and flow to their lives. 

This Authority and intuition is only in the present moment, meaning what was energetically correct for them now may not be tomorrow - and that is okay! Those with Splenic Authority should allow themselves the freedom to change their mind and go a different direction if they choose. If they can release the societal judgement and conditioning to "finish what you start", they will thrive and live a more magnetic and free life.

Heart Center - Ego Manifested Authority

Trust your voice

This Authority is driven by the desire to manifest and to inform others. To be connected to their Authority and truth, those with Ego Manifested Authority must verbalize, in the moment, their truth without controlling or thinking about what to say. It is not about what they think they should say or inform others of, but rather what they say when they are not trying to control it.


They can trust their decisions based off of anything they "blurt out", unscripted, and then listening to what they said. What they say in the moment is their truth, rather than what their mind may be telling them.


This Authority is meant to make an impact on the world, and if they can surrender to the truth of their voice, they will have their biggest impact on the world around them. This is always a reliable way for them to make decisions.

Heart Center - Ego Projected Authority

What's in it for you?

This is a special type of Projector for whom it is really REALLY important to always wait for the invitation and trust in that process. Once invited or recognized - this is the only authority where it is energetically correct for them to be “selfish” in the sense of asking themselves “what’s in it for me”, “what do I want", or "how will I benefit”. They will then either have enough energy (or will) to do what they are asking themselves to do or they will not. The key is for them to trust that energy/will when they ask themselves these questions.


This “selfishness” is actually not selfish at all because they will make correct decisions for themselves, and that will best serve the people all around them. 


Because they have a defined heart/ego center - it is important for them to finish things they start or finish what they have committed to doing. This will bring them fulfillment and success. So, it is VERY important that they only commit to things that will serve them and that they feel energized to do, otherwise they will burn out. 

Conditioning/society tells us that asking "what's in it for me?" is selfish - and for other Authorities that may be true- but for people with an Ego Projected Authority, it will actually serve the world around them as they will be in FLOW and make decisions that are energetically correct for them.

G Center - Self Projected Authority 

Talk it out

Those with a G-Center Authority often give direction to others, however, they can only hear their own direction by listening to what they themselves are saying in the moment. When making a decision, it is important for them to talk out-loud and listen to what they are saying. 

This Authority has a powerful voice of identity, however they cannot see their own identity directly on their own - they must hear their identity through their own voice. It is helpful for them to talk to friends/family to bounce their ideas off of them. This will allow them to hear how lit up/excited or unenthusiastic they are.


For those with this Authority, it is OKAY for them to ask others "who am I?" or "what should I do?", simply to allow them to hear themselves talk and find their truth. "Will this make me happy?" or "will this give me self expression?" are great questions for them to ask and hear if this decision makes them feel like themselves! Learning to trust their voice and not "think" their way to a decision is KEY for this Authority.

Environment - Mental Projector Authority

Go to places you love

Those with Environmental Authority receive guidance from the sensory information around them through all of the open centers in their chart. It is important for them to be in an environment that feels right and energetically expansive and safe for them. If an environment feels wrong to them, ideas shared there or decisions made there will not be correct for them either.

It is important, healthy and beneficial for them to visit new environments and then ask themselves "is this environment correct for me?" and then see and recognize within their body how it "feels" to be there. The key is for them to feel this in their body and not let their mind take over. 


When making a decision, it is helpful for them to have friends/advisors, not to direct them in what to do, but rather to use as sounding boards to hear their own thoughts about a decision - but only in the right environment.   

Lunar Authority

Give yourself a full lunar cycle

For those with Lunar Authority it is best for them to give themselves a full lunar cycle (28 days) to make important decisions. If they make important decisions in the moment, they will find dis-ease and disappointment in life. This 28 day cycle will allow them time to find the clarity they need and allow them to be delighted by life and slow down and appreciate the process. (This does not mean they need to wait a month to decide if they should go to lunch with a friend - they can have fun with the small decisions in life and allow themselves to be surprised and experience life - this is only for large important decisions in their life).


It is best for those with Lunar Authority to be in a healthy environment and surround themselves with the right people, as they mirror the environment and people around them. Having a close group of friends/advisors is good for them to bounce off of during this 28 day cycle, and by hearing themselves talk over time, they will come to a deep inner knowing of what they need to do.

There is so much to learn about yourself through Human Design and discovering your Type, Strategy and Authority are a good place to start. 



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