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We have been booked up with readings (so grateful!!) and there is not enough time for us to meet with all of you! We know that when you first discover Human Design it can feel like a lifetime to have to wait a few months for a reading.

After conducting over 1000 readings, we have created these videos containing the key transformational elements of living by your design! 

Human Design Type Videos
Human Design Channel Videos
Human Design PHS Course Videos
Human Design
Human Design
Human Design Reader Training


So far, I've purchased 2 of the 5 Video Readings  and plan to buy up the rest asap. I look forward to more videos from you guys about the profiles, authorities, crosses etc! 




Your videos are not like any of the rest I've come across. 


They really help give practical digestible advice/information on our Human Designs. Your videos paint a clear picture on how we can use H.D. in our lives on a daily basis and integrate the strategies easily. And isn't that the whole purpose for learning this stuff?? So PERFECT!! - Jennifer

"Thank you for such an amazing and beautiful ceremonial retreat. I appreciate you both for sharing your aligned Projector essences throughout the PHS Retreat Day Course. I loved the DayLuna box! It was beyond anything I have ever received. The value you created and shared during this experience was indeed service excellence. You set the bar high and delivered! Thank you for a powerful day that was enlightening, empowering, spiritually and physically aligning, and energizing. The following day I had so much more energy because your value filled my cup. Thank you! Please continue sharing your impactful work in the world - it is needed now! And for those who are on the fence about attending this course, listen to your authority, and when it shouts YES, please honor it. You and your soul will be so grateful for joining." - Alana Heim

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