Now introducing personalized Affirmation Activation Cards!


This personalized card comes with affirmations written to support the highest expression of your most important Gates. Your Gates are your energetic gifts and qualities that you are here to share with the world. Having these simple and powerful affirmations for each of your main Gates can help you bring awareness and embodiment to these qualities within yourself. These cards are designed in a triangular shape to help activate the intention of these words with the energetics of the shape’s geometry. 


This card is created to help you more fully embody the gifts you are here to share with the world. It is designed in a triangular shape to activate the intention of these words. The triangle has a sacred geometric energy that represents fire element, bringing focus, transformation, and creative energy. It’s two base corners also represent Divine Feminine Earth energy being focused and projected upward towards Universal Source Energy. 


This personalized card is available as a DIGITAL PDF (for you to print at home) OR can be ordered as a physical PRINTED card that will be shipped to you.


Please allow 5-7 business days for your card to be designed and personalized :)

Affirmations Activation Cards

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