Join us as we discuss everything Human Design.


We dive deep into authorities and strategies and the New Paradigm as well as host live readings for special guests and get into the intricacies of parenting with Human Design.  


Episode 053

5 Steps to Help You Live Your Destiny

In this episode we discuss the spiritual definition of living a life of Fate based on your conditioning versus living a life of Destiny in alignment with your soul’s calling.

Episode 050

Ceremony & Healing the Divine Masculine w/ Tim Morrison

In this episode we meet with sound, cacao, and breathwork facilitator, Tim Morrison, to discuss different aspects of deep healing. Join in to hear about Tim’s experience with different plant medicines, traveling the world to learn about sound vibrational healing, and inspiration for how we can find collective healing.

Episode 047

Sacred Sexuality with Michael McPherson

Dive into this *juicy* episode with us as we have a deep and vulnerable conversation on sexuality and sex energy. Michael McPherson is a speaker, mentor, and soon to be published author of ‘Everything You Never Learned About Sex; Take Back Your Masculine Power & Use Your Sex Energy For Good’. This episode brings insightful and powerful awareness to an area of our spiritual journeys as a collective that is desperately needed.

Episode 044

Leah Steele - The Wealth Witch

In this episode we interview Leah Steele - The Wealth Witch who is a Wealth Alchemist and Spiritual Business Coach who focuses on emotional clearing when it comes to programming around wealth.

Episode 041

What The Not-Self Themes Really Mean

In this episode we talk about all of the Not-Self Themes and how they actually look in real life. Your Not-Self Themes are a gift so understanding them is one of the greatest tools you can have. 

Episode 038

Dating & Relationships with Human Design

In this episode we talk about all things dating and how to have conscious relationships using awareness through Human Design.

Episode 035

Our Experience with Ayahuasca & Breathwork

In this episode we open up our conversation for authentic soul storytelling and share our individual spiritual healing experiences.

Episode 032


In this episode we talk about ALL things Reflectors!! We finally breakdown the Reflector energy type and how you can use this awareness to support yourself and other Reflectors in your life.

Episode 029

Subconscious Healing

In this episode we talk about the importance of subconscious healing, what it is, and how human design can help you get clear on what might be holding you back in life. 

Episode 026

New Decade Transformation Meditation

Join us for this guided activation meditation to help you reflect on your past 10 years and to help you embody transformation and ascension in the next decade.

Episode 023

Channels & Gates

In this episode we discuss how you can embody the highest expression of your energetic gifts and qualities. 

Episode 020

Manifesting Generators

In this episode we talk about all things Manifesting Generator! We dive into how they can best move through the world with ease, how the mechanics of their design works, and how they can best be supported by those around them.

Episode 017

Openness vs Differentiation

We discuss the difference between oneness and differentiation and how they are both Universal truths that are here to support us in this lifetime!

Episode 014


In this episode we discuss what the process of deconditioning can look like for each of the types.

Episode 011

Past Lives & Spirit Karma w/ Steffi Hill

Join us as we discuss past lives regression, spirit guides, and everything in between!

Episode 008


Join us as we discuss all of the Strategies and how we can embody them in real life!

Episode 052

Transits with Spirit Sis

Join us as we talk about alllllll things astrology and transits!! In this episode we meet up with the one and only Steffi Hill (aka Spirit Sis) to talk about the collective energies and astrology transits we are all experiencing right now.

Episode 049

4 Transformational Gates

In this episode we break down the highest and lowest expressions of 4 Gates that we think are deeply powerful. We talk about how to embody the highest expression of these qualities to experience radical transformation.

Episode 046

Your Top Human Design Questions Answered

In this episode we answer our DayLuna community’s top Human Design Questions. We share your experiences and most helpful insights on experimenting with HD.

Episode 043

G Center - The Sacred Portal

In this episode we talk about the G Center, what it means, how to connect with your truth, and how to get out of your own way.

Episode 040

How Knowing Your North Nodes Can Change Your Life

This episode is super informational and we highly recommend having your chart in front of you as you listen. We talk about the transformational power of discovering your North Node gates and Zodiac in Human Design.  

Episode 037

Defined Centers

In this episode we discuss the defined centers and how they point to the ways you are here to be a way-shower for others. 

Episode 034

Routines & Plant Medicines to Support Your Natural Cycle

Jessica Christin and Brianna Smith from NED join us to discuss how plant medicine can support our natural cycles and divine feminine flow.

Episode 031

Spirit Guides

In this episode we are joined by Spirit Sis Steffi Hill and we talk about our experience with spirit guides, what they are and why they are an important part of surrendering to your own spiritual journey!

Episode 028

Let Your Body Lead

In this episode we speak with Casey Berglund, owner of Worthy and Well, about embodiment, body intuition, living in alignment, and full picture wellness. 

Episode 025

How to Read Your Chart

This episode tells you all about the different elements in the bodygraph and human design chart and how it all works together to create your specific energetic body!

Episode 022

Emotional vs Non-Emotional

We breakdown the differences between being an emotional being and a non-emotional being (defined Solar Plexus vs undefined Solar Plexus). We talk about what is healthy to identify with and what is not and everything in between.

Episode 019

New Generation, Pluto & Generations

In this episode we talk about the similarities in the generations and the zodiac placement in Pluto. We discuss the New Paradigm and what we can expect from future generations!

Episode 016


This episode is all about Manifestors, what they are here to do, how their energy interacts with the world, and how they can become the highest version of themselves with this new awareness!

Episode 013

Everything is Energy

In this episode we discuss all things energy and how it impacts us in daily life. We talk about the mechanics of the 9 centers, how we process energy, and how we can create our dream lives just by removing limiting beliefs and attract energetically the life that we want!

Episode 010

How to Support the Other Energy Types

What can you do to support the people in your life and hold awareness for their unique life experience? We talk about all the types and what we can do in real life to support the people around us! 

Episode 007

Breathwork w/Uhkare & HD

Discover how breathwork can help you decondition and how it is used to transform your life, drastically, just from one session. We discuss why this is one of our favorite practices for healing and releasing stuck energy!

Episode 051


In this episode we break down all of the 6 hexagram lines that comprise your Profile. We discuss how each line best learns and teaches new information as well as how they best interact with others.

Episode 048

Working with Reiki for Personal & Collective Healing

In this episode we have on a special guest Kristin Noelle, Reiki Master and owner of Sacred Loom. Join us as we discuss what Reiki is and how its power can be used to help us heal energetically within ourselves so that we can find forward progress in healing our collective.

Episode 045

How to be Anti-Racist & Spiritual AF

In this episode we discuss how this Anti-Racist movement as a collective is a key part in this great paradigm shift. We talk about how to show up, be an advocate, not be passive and how to really honor your design during this time.

Episode 042

Working with the Spirit of Kakao

In this episode we interview Makenzie Marzluff and talk about Kakao ceremonial drinking chocolate. We dive into what a Cacao Ceremony looks like and how to embody conscious entrepreneurship.

Episode 039

Embodying Strategy & Authority in Real Life

In this episode we talk about our real life experiences with using Human Design and how it has transformed our lives. 

Episode 036

Navigating Uncertainty with Human Design Profiles

In this episode we talk about how coronavirus is affecting us all differently right now and what you can do to nurture yourself based on your Profile.

Episode 033

Attracting Wealth with Human Design

In this episode we talk about attracting wealth with an abundance mindset and how Human Design can give you clues about your unique way of attracting abundance.

Episode 030

Wisdom From the Open Centers

In this episode we talk about how to embody the highest vibration and potential wisdom from each of the 9 centers in the bodygraph.

Episode 027

Workflow by Design

We ring in the New Year, and New Decade (!!), by aligning ourselves with what truly is the right work for each energy type so we can be ourselves in all aspects of our life - including our career.

Episode 024


This episode is all about Generators and how they can use their energy to live in flow and live and empowered life.

Episode 021

7 Steps to Find Your Purpose in Life

In this episode we breakdown the 7 steps that have helped us gain clarity and magnetically attract our life purpose. We talk about our experiences and then dive into real life steps that you can take to embody your dharma with ease.

Episode 018

CBD w/ Emily Miller

Emily Miller from Haven joins us to discuss all of the amazing benefits of CBD and how they can benefit your life and what this New Paradigm looks like in terms of herbal healing. We discuss her Human Design and the similarities she has with Dana’s chart!

Episode 015


We dive into what Astrocartography really is and how it can help support and propel your life forward.

Episode 012


Dive in with us as we discuss everything #projectorpower! We talk about all of the technical side of what being a Projector is and also the practical tips and tools you can integrate into your life in a meaningful way.

Episode 009

Trina with Jiwa Motion

What is Kundalini? How can yoga affect your spiritual practice? How can we parent with Human Design? Dive in as we discuss Human Design, parenting, Manifestors, Man Gens, and Kundalini!

Episode 006

10 Ways to Help Live Your Design

In this episode we talk about our list of ten practices you can do daily to help raise your Vibration, Connect with your Inner Truth, and help you live by your Design. 

Episode 005


In this episode we discuss all of the Authorities. We talk about how each authority works and what that looks like in real life. We also discuss how you can support the people around you in living their unique truth as well.

Episode 004

Open Centers & Not-Self Themes

In this episode we discuss the open and defined centers and what they mean! We talk about living in your not-self themes and how you can shift and realign with your unique strategy and authority.

Episode 003

Saturn Returns + Human Design

In this episode we discuss Saturn Returns and why they are soo powerful!! We talk about our returns and experiences and how Human Design can help you guide through it a little bit easier.

Episode 002

Human Design Basics

In this episode we dive deep into the technical side of Human Design and how it all works. We discuss all of the different modalities that Human Design combines to make up your chart!

Episode 001

Welcome to the Human Design Podcast!

In this episode we introduce your hosts Shayna and Dana from DayLuna! We talk about what you can expect from this podcast and what Human Design is in general.


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