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Join us as we discuss everything Human Design.
We dive deep into authorities and strategies and the New Paradigm as well as host live readings for special guests and get into the intricacies of parenting with Human Design.



Episode 121

Why You Chose Your Type: The Energetic Dilemma You Came Here To Solve

Do you ever struggle to embrace your energy Type and wonder if it would be easier to have a different one? Do you ever wish you were born in a different time? In this episode we share the reasons your soul chose your Type and the mission you embrace in this lifetime to help us usher in a New Paradigm. Join us to reconnect with your Soul and with your Soul's Plan.


Episode 118

Transmissions From Ancient Egypt

Join us for this juicy tell all episode about the life changing activations and transmissions that we've received in our own recent spiritual journeys and from Shayna’s Egyptian Initiation.


Episode 115

Sexuality and Sexual Energy in the New Paradigm

In this episode with guest embodiment coach, Casey Berglund of Worthy and Well, we go deep into a conversation about healing our sexual energies, trauma, and finding our unique embodiment of our sexual energy and power. Warning: this episode has graphic and explicit sexual language, and we do talk about our experiences with sexual trauma. This may be a triggering (but also very healing) episode. Please use your discretion and inner authority on if you are in the space to receive and connect with this conversation.


Episode 112

Receiving Spiritual Activations Through Breathwork

Is breathwork more powerful than plant medicines?! In this episode, we share our potent and intimate experiences discharging stuck energy from trauma and receiving spiritual activations in our latest breathwork journeys. Tune in to hear our stories that are as powerful as some of the plant medicine journeys we have been on.


Episode 109

Empowering Your Wellness Journey With Saffron And Yoni Steaming With Nikki Bostwick

On this episode we have guest Nikki Bostwick, founder of The Fullest and host of The Fullest Podcast, to chat about connecting to our intuition and becoming our own authority in our wellness journey.


Episode 106

Understanding Our Nervous System & Triggers with Natalie Bacon

Join us in this episode with mindfulness life coach, Natalie Bacon, to learn how to shift out of stress and overwhelm by observing your nervous system. We learned so much from Natalie, you won't want to miss this episode as she shares so much valuable information!


Episode 103

Manifestation & Quantum Leaps with Suzanne Adams

Join us for this juicy conversation with motivational speaker and best selling author, Suzanne Adams! We discuss the quantum physics behind the law of attraction and the practical steps you can take to shift your vibration and become an energetic match with your wildest dreams.


Episode 100

Sacred Sisterhood with Spirit Sis

Join us for our 100th episode to celebrate the power and potency of sacred sisterhood with our favorite sister and psychic astrologer, Spirit Sis!!


Episode 097

Understanding our Energetic Biofield with Akua

Join us for this fascinating conversation with energetic healer Akua as she teaches us about our energetic body, the intricacies of how it functions, and the role it plays in our healing. This episode also contains a beautifully led meditation and collective biofield tuning, which we know you will enjoy as much as we did!


Episode 094

Kundalini Yoga with Jai Dev

Join us for this fascinating conversation on Kundalini yoga with internationally renowned teacher of Kundalini yoga and Ayurveda, Jai Dev! We talk about his Human Design, his journey into this spiritual realm with Kundalini, tips for how you can deepen your practice and so so much more!


Episode 091

Feng Shui with Amanda Gibby Peters

Grab your pen and notebook for this juicy, value-packed episode with Feng Shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters. This conversation is one of our favorites and is full of applicable action steps to increase the energetic connection you have with your home - just in time for Spring!


Episode 088

Biofield Tuning & Lucid Dream Work

Join us for this special episode where we discuss our experiences with biofield tuning and lucid dreaming. This free-flow episode gets into our own personal healing journeys and the wisdom we are observing along the way.


Episode 085

An Astrology Perspective with Debra Silverman

Join us for this free-flow conversation into the world of Astrology and how it correlates with Human Design. Our special guest Debra Silverman is a celebrity Astrologer and psychologist who has been guiding in the space of Astrology for over 40 years and has such vibrant, vital, and unique insight to share about astrology!


Episode 083

Are We Living in a Simulation?

In this episode we talk about the concept of living in the matrix and if life is just one big video game. How do we navigate the unknown and the unknowable while being connected to our truth and discovering what is really “real”?


Episode 079

Twelfth House - How to be Your Own Authority with DayLuna Human Design

This is that the 12th House had to say:

Today is the fourth and last episode in our mini-series on Meaning Making Systems with Shayna and Dana of DayLuna Human Design.


Episode 077

Conscious Technology Use

Join us for this episode around bringing awareness to our use of technology. Are you using technology in alignment with your design and support your life? Or are you using it in a way that disempowers or distracts you from your purpose? Dive in with us to go on your own journey of discovery around the rise of technology in this Aquarian Age.


Episode 073

How to Become a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

You guys won’t want to miss this conversation with special guest Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist, global leading relationship expert, and author of the new book Boundary Boss - The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free.


Episode 070

Intuitive Business w/ Michelle Pellizzon from Holisticism

Join us on the super fun and inspiring episode where we talk to Michelle Pellizzon from Holisticism about all things intuition, business, akashic records, money and more!


Episode 067

Parenting with Human Design

It's finally time!! In this episode we breakdown how to use Human Design in parenting! This is a topic that is so important to us because Human Design is meant for our children and the future generations. Join us for this episode packed full of valuable content.


Episode 064

Manifestor Deep Dive with Holly Maree

Every Manifestor and any one who knows a Manifestor needs to listen to this episode! Special guest, Holly Maree (4/6 Splenic Manifestor), dives in with us to talk about allllllll things Manifestors! In this episode we discuss how to truly honor Manifestor energy and what living as a Manifestor is really like in daily life.


Episode 061

Transcending Fear and Embracing Change with Monica Berg

Special guest Monica Berg, spiritual teacher and author of “Fear is not an Option” and “Rethink Love”, joins us to share kabbalistic wisdom and her experience with being a “Change Junkie”.


Episode 058

Trauma in the Body with Irene Lyon

Nervous System Expert, Irene Lyon, joins us to teach us how to work with our nervous system to transform trauma and heal our body and mind.


Episode 055

The Steps to Making Any Project Successful with Amy Fairchild

In this episode we dive into Human Projects with Amy Fairchild from the Encourage Project. We discuss how to use project management skills and application to support your personal dreams.


Episode 052

Transits with Spirit Sis

Join us as we talk about alllllll things astrology and transits!! In this episode we meet up with the one and only Steffi Hill (aka Spirit Sis) to talk about the collective energies and astrology transits we are all experiencing right now.


Episode 049

4 Transformational Gates

In this episode we break down the highest and lowest expressions of 4 Gates that we think are deeply powerful. We talk about how to embody the highest expression of these qualities to experience radical transformation.


Episode 046

Your Top Human Design Questions Answered

In this episode we answer our DayLuna community’s top Human Design Questions. We share your experiences and most helpful insights on experimenting with HD.


Episode 120

Downloads from Bali

The eclipses are over, we are back from Bali, and it is time to shake off our conditioning and SHINE! Join us as we share our biggest downloads and aha’s from Bali that you can apply to support your next cycle of blooming.


Episode 117

Reclaiming Your Magic with Mia Magik

Join us for this episode with special guest Mia Magik! She is an ambassador of modern magic and the headmistress of Witch School. We dive into the magic of life that is all around us and how we can live our best life through stepping into our authenticity.


Episode 114

The Sacred Human, Canine Connection with The Dog Shaman, Sasha Armstrong

We have observed that moving into the new paradigm, we are awakening to the fact that dogs can be some of our greatest teachers. Join us for this fascinating conversation on the sacred human, canine connection and how we can use it to help us evolve and awaken, with Sasha Armstrong the dog shaman.


Episode 111

Healthy Ways to Connect with Others Based on Your Design

Join us for this solo episode where we discuss the importance of connecting with others in a way that is aligned for YOU, especially during this busy holiday season.


Episode 108

Generators vs Man-Gens

This is an episode dedicated to the sacred power of our Generators and Man-gens, what they have in common and what the differences between their energy is.


Episode 105

Embracing Your Cycle & Divine Feminine Wisdom with Dr. Mona Wiggins

In this conversation with fertility awareness educator and holistic hormone health guide, Dr. Mona Wiggins, we dive into an exploration of our feminine cycles and the power they hold.


Episode 102

Ease vs Easy

In this episode we confront myths around the “ease” of living in personal alignment. Join us for tips on how to make sure the challenges you’re navigating are on your path of personal alignment.


Episode 099

What If I Don’t Know My Birth Time?

In this quick episode we talk about what you can do if you don’t know your birth time and answer the most common questions we receive on time of birth, twins, c-section vs natural birth and more!


Episode 096

Nourishing Rituals for Your Type and Authority

In this episode we talk about various ways you can nourish your energy based on your individual Type and Authority, even if you feel you don’t have time!


Episode 093

Raising Our Consciousness to Navigate Climate Change with Debra Silverman

Wow, this conversation with Debra Silerman, celebrity astrologer and psychologist, is one all time favorites. We dive in and discuss the climate crisis, the evolutionary shifts and what we all can do to navigate this crucial time on Earth.


Episode 090

Parenting & Reparenting Yourself with Human Design

In this episode we discuss how you can use Human Design to reparent yourself and how that process of deconditioning can support you in parenting your children.


Episode 087

Leaders of the New Paradigm (5 Tips for Lightworkers)

We are back! In this episode we celebrate all of the amazing lightworkers we met on our retreat in Costa Rica and share 5 supportive tips for our virtual community of lightworkers (you!).


Episode 084

The New Paradigm of Business w/ The Royal Shaman Makhosi Nejeser

Join us in this interview with The Royal Shaman, Makhosi Nejeser, as we discuss navigating the realm of business with spiritual depth and radical authenticity.


Episode 081

Projector Deep Dive

Join us for an episode where we dive into the lived experience of being a Projector and how to get out of your head and into your self trust within Waiting for the Invitation.


Episode 078

3D, 4D, 5D States of Consciousness

Content on 3D, 4D, and 5D has been all the buzz on the internet, so in this episode we wanted to share our take on how to understand these states of consciousness, how to work with them in your daily life, and how to bring awareness to the concept of spiritual bypassing.


Episode 075

Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm Human Design

We all know that there are strange phrases and funky language associated with Human Design. Join us for this episode where we reframe parts of Human Design that have been misinterpreted or framed in a limiting light. Start to see your Design in the most empowering and supportive way that is in alignment with our collective evolution.


Episode 072

Psychic Scoop - Human Design Magnetism

In this week's very special episode, we chat with Spirit Sis (aka Steffi Hill) on her podcast Psychic Scoop to talk about all things Human Design.


Episode 069

Empathy vs Sympathy

In this episode we dive into the ways in which we are designed to experience other people's energy and learn from each other through sympathy and empathy.


Episode 066

How to Actually Use Your Authority & Free Your Mind

In this episode we share one of the most life changing tools that has helped us find our Dharma path. We break down how to rise above your conditioning and actually USE your Authority. We talk about the difference between living a life guided by your mind/ego vs living a life guided by your Authority/Soul.


Episode 063

Hypnotherapy with Ryan Haddon

Special guest Ryan Haddon, clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual coach, comes on to discuss spiritual and subconscious reprogramming.


Episode 060

What Can We Learn From 2020? With Casey Berglund

In this special episode we have an incredible conversation with Casey Berglund from Worthy & Well and the Let Your Body Lead movement. Come join us and be a fly on the wall with this super fun, deep, and real episode as we reflect on the greatest lessons we have learned in 2020.


Episode 057


Boundaries have never been more important for our mental and physical health. In this episode we break down healthy boundaries for each of the types. We talk about the boundaries we set out of fear/not-self and the ones we set out of awareness of self and self-love.


Episode 054

What the f*ck is Self Love?

In this episode we dive into the concept of Self Love and why it has clichés and why learning how to love ourselves is the most important journey we will ever go on.


Episode 051


In this episode we break down all of the 6 hexagram lines that comprise your Profile. We discuss how each line best learns and teaches new information as well as how they best interact with others.


Episode 048

Working with Reiki for Personal & Collective Healing

In this episode we have on a special guest Kristin Noelle, Reiki Master and owner of Sacred Loom. Join us as we discuss what Reiki is and how its power can be used to help us heal energetically within ourselves so that we can find forward progress in healing our collective.


Episode 119

How to Hack Your Epigenetics to Live Your Most Fertile & Vital Life with Dr. Cleopatra

Join us for this mind blowing conversation with Dr. Cleopatra, reproductive health and fertility specialist, scientist, and university professor. We dive into empowerment around fertility, the power of reproduction, and the most important things you can focus on for your own vitality and legacy.


Episode 116

Abundance Through Your Human Design Environment

Do you know your Human Design environment? Listen in to hear what the 6 different environments mean and how you can begin to cultivate the energy that will support your natural abundance and prosperity.


Episode 113

What is the New Paradigm? - A Conversation with The Purpose Map Podcast

We’re excited to share this Episode of The Purpose Map Podcast here at DayLuna! In this episode, our dear friend Casey Berglund, founder of Worthy & Well and The Let Your Body Lead Method interviews us about the embodiment of Human Design and what leadership will look like in the New Paradigm.


Episode 110

5 Signs You Are Becoming Your Own Authority

In this solo episode, we share 5 signs that indicate you embody being the authority of your own life. How many do you resonate with?


Episode 107

Conscious Conception & Motherhood with Melissa Ambrosini

Join us for this inspiring conversation around conscious conception, birth, conscious parenting and empowered motherhood with special guest Melissa Ambrosini.


Episode 104

Receiving Messages From The Other Side with Angel Medium Julie Jancius

Get ready for this channeled episode with special guest Julie Jancius, podcast host and author of Angels and Awakenings. In this episode Julie gives us personalized readings along with tips and insights on how to connect with your Angels and Guides. This episode is one of our favorites and contains lots of tears and aha moments!


Episode 101

How To Radically Love With Rosie Acosta

Join us in this juicy and fun conversation with Rosie Acosta, author of Radically Loved and host of the Radically Loved podcast to talk about how our conditioning and environment play such a huge role in our lives and how deeply we are able to love ourselves.


Episode 098

Starseeds with Paul Silva

We have been fascinated with learning about starseeds lately and enjoyed this in-depth conversation with spiritual mentor Paul Silva about the archetypal characteristics of each of the starseed families!