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Have you been seeing the words: Caves, Markets Internal, Nervous Touch, Cold Thirst…

on the internet and thinking to yourself…. “What? Where are people getting this from?”


These are terms from PHS (Primary Health System) which is a second layer of Human Design. We like to call it Human Design 2.0. It is meant to be implemented after living by your Strategy and Authority for about a year.


Primary Health System tells you:

  • Your correct diet and food intake.

  • The living environment that supports you most.

  • The mindset/mental awareness that is healthiest and most productive for your mind.


Benefits of PHS:

  • Supports physical brain health.
  • Nourishes your most important senses.
  • Aids in digestion and overall health.
  • Improves mental state.
  • Supports material success.
  • Supports relationships.


What does the Online Retreat Day Course Include?


For the Retreat Day course, we will be gathering together virtually to share in the exploration of this powerful PHS information, as well as sharing in sacred circle activities, such as cacao ceremony, breathwork, guided meditation, embodied movement, and more.


In this 8 hour course, we will be teaching ALL aspects and options of the PHS system. This way you can dive deeper into your own PHS information and be empowered to understand your friends, family, and clients PHS info as well. This course is excellent for business owners wanting to offer more to their clients!


With the purchase of this course you will be immediately emailed a PDF with instructions on how to access the training videos!


This course now includes a digital PHS chart booklet that is sold out until 1/19/22. It will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days after the 19th if the order is placed before that. Please include your birth date, time, and location in your order notes or we will reach out to obtain your birth details to prepare your chart. You can choose to wait for the digital chart to arrive before you start watching the videos, or you can get started on the course and then reference your digital booklet once it arrives!


Everyone joining has the option to purchase a Dayluna PHS Retreat Day Box, which contains your personalized printed PHS booklet along with special items to support you in setting sacred space and having a connective ceremonial experience from the comfort of your own home. (this is additional an can be found on the shop all page).


Recommended Add-ons:


PHS Retreat Day box: Includes a large size vegan leather MAGIC of I journal for note taking and reflection, easy-to-use ceremonial grade cacao from Fly KAKAO, a beautiful hand-made ceramic ceremony mug, a Dayluna Kimono, crystals, palo santo, essential oils, and more!  Retail value of this incredible box is over $250 but we offer it for $144. 


PHS Printed Chart booklet: This includes all of your PHS information consolidated and explained in one place. This chart booklet is highly recommended for the course as it is an excellent reference guide in following along and deeply understanding your own design.

PHS Video Course Retreat Day