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Each digital chart is curated by us and put together specifically for you! That means that we take a few days to put together your chart and it is then emailed to you. You can then keep the pdf on your computer or phone for easy access!


This book not only provides you with your chart details, but also contains tools that are tailored specifically for you to help you start de-conditioning from what society has told you that you had to do (or who you had to be) and help you hold space in your daily life with the new awareness and insight you have learned.


This is NOT the same as receiving a full virtual reading with us. If you are wanting a more comprehensive and taylored deep dive of your chart, we recommend booking a one-on-one reading with us here!


Choose either to receive your Human Design Chart, Birth Chart, or Saturn Return Workbook!


Please allow a few days for us to put together your personalized book and get it emailed to you :)

Digital Charts & Reading Summary