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Shayna & Dana Human Design readings

Shayna & Dana

Shayna & Dana do their readings together and specialize in using Human Design in all areas of life. Keep in mind they tend to book up several months in advance. 

Below is a list our recommended readers, trained by us!

Colleen Veit

Colleen Veit

1/3 Sacral Generator

Hi, I'm Colleen! I have cultivated a lifelong interest in the arts and sciences of the human experience, from astrology and herbalism to psychology and yoga.

I am so grateful to have found Human Design, because it provides a beautiful blueprint for how to use one's energetic body to exist wholly and unapologetically as one's truest self.

I am honored to help others decipher their own Designs for the purpose of creating integration between mind, body, and soul; deconditioning from false narratives; and unfolding into a life of beauty, ease, and fulfillment.


Kaycee Canlas

Kaycee Canlas

6/2 Emotional Generator

Career Growth & Alignment through the lens of Human Design. Accompanying Visual Guides and Tailor-Made Presentations that accompany the readings.

Hi, I'm Kaycee! Before becoming a Human Design Reader, I spent over 15 years in the corporate world working amazing careers in fashion retail and sports in NYC, San Francisco, and Toronto. Through my own curiosity and dedication to personal growth, I simultaneously spent over a decade pursuing and practicing different modalities to improve my overall well-being. While I experienced great success in what was once my dream career in NYC, I suffered an ultimate burnout that led to me taking an over-due break from corporate. In this break, I pursued a passion project around the modalities I explored as my hobbies and interests. This further led me to deeply study and practice ancient wisdom and systems to not only continue my own personal development, but to explore something much deeper, my soul's purpose.

I expanded my Ayurvedic studies into Dharma and through that discovery, I found the fascinating system of Human Design. This exploration led me to today, where I am a Certified Dharma Coach and Human Design Reader helping others find and pursue their unique aligned Dharmic path and live their soul's purpose.

Other than doing the inner work, I love discovering all things spirituality + wellness, experiencing adventures locally in Hawai'i and around the world, spending time with my family, partner, and close community, and nerding out to my favorite podcasts and books.

Love Human. Be Spirit. A podcast with intention

Monique Sampedro & Amy Douglas

Projector & Manifestor Duo

Dynamic Duo: Manifestor and Projector Combo! We initiate and guide with insights and impact. We specialize in building the relationship with self to develop deeper self-acceptance and self-love.

Hello Beautiful Soul! Together, we offer the best, most natural, and most unique expression of our gifts to provide massive benefits to you.

We came together for a podcast initially (Love Human Be Spirit). We realized quickly that we had more to offer as a partnership. Now we come together, as a human design centered coaching duo, with initiation and guidance derived from our unique designs. We provoke and emote. We feel and think deeply. We love, and hold compassion and space for you. We give as we do, when doing this work, because we can. We light up as our energy comes together and the magic just begins to pour out. It is proof of electromagnetics and how that plays out in human form. You’ll see.

If having two qualified and compassionately curious humans who are wildly fascinated by sharing your unique design sounds like something that could be an asset to you, then we are your girls!

We are honored, grateful, and humbled to come together with you. If it feels right, of course. See you then!
Love yourself, Amy & Monique

Alyssa Hawn

Alyssa Hawn

3/5 Emotional Man-Gen

ThetaHealing, Intuitive Health Coaching, SoulBody Alignment

Alyssa is an Intuitive Healer and Transformation Coach. She is passionate about helping others understand the power of energetics and belief work in improving health, relationships, and overall quality of life. She is the co-creator of SoulBody Alignment, a proprietary deep healing session that allows you to get to the bottom of deeply held beliefs in your subconscious and where they are stored in your body.

Kristin Kilburg

Kristin Kilburg

2/4 Lunar Reflector

Readings tailored to your unique Human Design journey! Individual, family, children, business, etc.

Kristin is a small-town Midwest girl on her own journey of spiritual growth and loves helping others on their journey - especially with Human Design! She is also a yoga teacher, avid reader, and loves to spend time with her husband and golden retriever!

Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell

1/4 Emotional Generator

Human Design Readings, Coaching, Energy Readings & Healings

Hi I'm Liz! I found human design in September 2020 and I am completely awestruck by how much my life has changed for the better since I started implementing and living my design.

Prior to discovering human design I had completely burnt myself out as an attorney and could no longer ignore how out of alignment I had been living for years; I knew there had to be more in store for me but I had no idea what that was or how I could get there. I am a seeker at heart and I love so many different spiritual modalities but human design is the one that has made the biggest difference for me.

Being able to share this life changing information with others is one of the biggest blessings I could have ever asked for. My cross of incarnation is the right angle cross of penetration; this means I cut straight to the truth that the person in front of me needs to hear the most in order to step into the highest version of themselves (with a lot of love and compassion of course!).

I also offer coaching and energy healing to further assist my clients with deconditioning so that they can fully integrate the knowledge from their human design chart into everyday life.

You are always welcome to book a quick complimentary call with me to ensure that I am the right reader for you.

Kelly Harrington

Kelly Harrington

4/1 Sacral Man-Gen

Life Purpose, Highest Potential, Self-Empowerment, Parenting

Hi! My name is Kelly! I'm a 4/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator, quad right, Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation (39/38|51/57). I’m a functional nutrition dietitian and incorporate human design into all I do, including my nutrition business, my relationships, and parenting my two boys (ages 10 and 11).


I'm here to motivate, liberate, and inspire others into becoming their highest potential. My strong intuition allows me to interact with someone and immediately sense their talent and purpose. It brings me joy to communicate human design in a simplified way, inspire people to use their gifts in a big way, and help people step into their life purpose. I love helping people create health and well-being in their life, optimize their energy, and have more joy and compassion for themselves. I am also very passionate about helping parents use human design to understand family dynamics and better support their children.

Aviva Meisner

Aviva Meisner

2/4 Splenic Projector

Human Design Readings that guide and empower you to live in your most aligned and effortless way.

I am a free-spirited, nurturing and gentle soul who loves nothing more than deeply connecting with others. I feel so called to help people experience immense self-love, as it has always been a core focus in my own journey of personal growth and transformation. For me, it has been a key to unearthing a truly fulfilling and expansive life, which is why I love to help clients understand and appreciate their unique design. When we can truly show ourselves love, we can also connect more deeply with our life purpose by stepping into our power. Let's begin unlocking your highest self together, shall we?

Amy Douglas

Amy Douglas

3/5 Emotional Manifestor

Amy is a Mindset Mentor and weaves Human Design into the fabric of each of her client's desired transformation. She specializes in helping others see beyond their current (conditioned) beliefs so they can create the life experiences they truly desire. She also has a special place in her heart for helping parents see their children differently through understanding their differences as shown in their beautiful design and empowering them to release outdated expectations so their children can thrive in their own aligned way.

Amy Douglas is a Human Design guide, mindset mentor, podcast co-host, online course creator, single mother of two, and former corporate banker who shows up passionately in her true 3/5 Emotional Manifestor fashion to initiate others into becoming the highest version of themselves.

Ellie Bee

Ellie Bee

3/5 Self-Projected Projector

Finding Purpose, Overcoming Burnout, Tapping Into Creativity, Living Authentically
Ellie is a Human Design reader based in Los Angeles, CA Having spent over a decade working as a "professional creative", she's now obsessed with helping folx live their most fulfilling, free and juicy lives. She has a maltipoo named Dr. Leo Spaceman and a dope record collection.

Monique Sampedro

Monique Sampedro

1/4 Splenic Projector

Relationship with self, Parenting with design as a supportive tool, Kids readings for parents looking to understand themselves and their dynamic with their children, Working with people that are in different capacities of the service industry.

Hey there! I offer Human Design Informed Guidance in a Spiritual Life Coach supportive approach! Being able to peak inside of my clients designs and discuss and get into all the potential insights and splenic hits that come through during these readings is the thing I am most grateful for these days! I combine the ways that Human Design has helped me in my personal process with the natural gifts and abilities I have within my unique design to work with people one on one to remind them of who they are and what they are capable of, by bringing awareness, with questions often, to some of the ways conditioning and not-self-living may possibly be showing up and adding struggle to your life. If you like to keep things real, and get into the deep parts of yourself for self-exploration and growth, I am your girl, and I cannot wait to get to know you! Thank you for finding me! Invite me, if it feels good for you! Love yourself, Monique

Bergy (Bergljot) Stoeer

Bergy (Bergljot) Stoeer

3/5 Emotional Projector

Human Design readings for individuals and families.

Hello and lots of love from Norway!

My name is Bergy and I'm a 3/5 emotional projector with the RAX of Penetration. I first discovered HD through the DayLuna HD Podcast in 2021, and like many projectors might tell you I couldn't help myself and fully embraced the "Robe Life" while diving deep into all the HD rabbit holes. I'm grateful and proud to have completed the DayLuna online reader training in June 2022, and I have been offering readings to people from all over the world since then.

I have the unique gift of seeing the big picture in your design first and piecing it all together using my intuition, to guide us into the details that are the most relevant to you and your life situation at the moment. I especially love diving into the planets and how they relate to your current life (jobs, relationships, dharma), and my favorite thing is seeing you light up as you hear these deep truths about yourself that you get to remember and start owning again!

I absolutely love the giant permission slip HD gives us to truly understand and embrace our authentic selves, and it is my true honor and privilege that I get to share this with you. My goal is to help reintroduce you to your Highest Self, to who you've been all along beneath all of the conditioning, and I invite you to reach out if you have any questions or would like us to get to know each other better. Big hugs from the far North, Bergy

More coming soon!

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