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There is so much to learn about yourself through Human Design and discovering your Type,  Strategy and Authority are a good place to start. Getting a reading is the next best step in diving deeper into understanding YOUR unique energetic makeup and how you are designed to interact in the world.

During a reading we discuss your open and defined centers, your specific channels, profile, definition, cross of incarnation and how you can apply this knowledge and awareness in YOUR current life and environment.
We also provide you with tools that are tailored specifically for you to help you start deconditioning and hold space in your daily life with the new awareness and insight you have learned. Each reading is recorded and the audio is sent to you afterward so you can listen back and be present during our session. 

The best thing with Human Design is to just experiment with what you have learned - try it out and see if it has meaning, see if the universe shows up for you in new ways, and see if you find less resistance in getting what you want and need in life.

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