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These ritual kits come personalized to your specific chart and design to help you live authentically and true to yourself! Select either a Human Design Chart, Astrology Birth Chart, PHS Chart or Saturn Return Workbook!


For details on each type of chart, how they are different, and what insight they provide click here.


Please allow a few days for us to make your chart, reiki and select the items for your box! These are personalized and require 5-7 business days to put together and then ship out :)


Boxes include:



1. Your Specific Chart Reading Summary (personalized by us for YOU)

2. Combination of some of the following:

​Human Design Chakra Crystals

Rainbow Crystal Prism


Intention Setting Candle or Robe

Surprise Strategy Tool

Chart Based Essential Oil Blend

Surprise Crystals

Personalized Rituals or Meditations




The New PHS Box Now Available:


This box contains your personalized PHS Booklet which includes information about your most supportive Diet, Environment, Mental Observation, and Thinking Style. The luxury items in this box are matched to your chart to help you honor your awareness of how you can nurture your wellbeing each day. This box contains different items than the regular HD box.


**Please note: not all items above are included and every box is different. The items selected for your box are the based on your chart. We are always adding new high vibe items to our selection so you may receive items not listed here are well.​