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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 71

It's Time To Gather

In this episode we meet with the founder of Transcendence Festival, where we will be sharing Human Design this December in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! We talk about following your dreams and connecting with your ability to create and the way that spreads empowered connection for those that are on your same frequency.

Key Takeaways

  • How every person has the ability to create despite their conditioning

  • The intention behind this transformational festival

  • Overcoming shyness and disconnection in a digital age

  • The importance of setting an intentional container

  • Gate 50 - The Gate of Values and the fear of responsibility that is connected to it

  • The Vessel of Love cross of Incarnation

Highlights & Links


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The Importance of Community & Setting a Sacred Container with Transcendence FestivalDayLuna Human Design Podcast
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About Transcendence Festival

Transcendence Fest is an awakening of the soul and a new dimension of a blissful state where your spirit meets your body.

The first ever 3-day life-changing experience is happening in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

This is a transformational celebration of life that takes you on a journey through immersive dance, sound, medicine music, and body expression. This experience combined with the high vibrations from the elements that we are surrounded by, the jungle, the turquoise Caribbean sea and the portal of the Mayan ruins are set to make this a journey that will not be just a memory, but a feeling you can always tune into.

You will have the opportunity to be guided through sacred rituals, cosmic music, mindful activities, spiritual ceremonies and mind-blowing workshops. There will be spaces dedicated to an artisan marketplace, ancient fire, organic vegan food, and a cosmic healers space. This will allow you to crack open your heart and immerse yourself into the community your soul has been craving to connect with.

A space where your heart opens up for unconditional love, true bliss and deeper connections to express your true essence.

A space where your body is the main language used to communicate with others and your highest self

A space to be unconditionally YOU, a place for you to shine!

We invite you to activate a supreme level of energy, joy and connection.

Join us for:

Ecstatic Dance + Cacao Ceremony + Shadow work + Live Medicine Music + Acroyoga + Contact Beyond Contact + Body Expanding Ritual + Ancestral Medicine Circle + Cacao Dance + Ice Baths + Handstands + Yoga + Sound Healing + Fire Circles Batucadas + Epic Performances + Cosmic Market + Therapy Zone + QI Gong & Meditation + Divine Breathwork + Morning Workout + Plant Medicine culture + Sacred geometry + Workshops and much more!!!

Makenzie Marzluff

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