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Dicover Your Human Design

Welcome to DayLuna™
A space for all things Human Design, Spirituality, Empowerment, & Freedom

We are here on a mission to simplify Human Design to help you actually Live your Design and empower the collective towards self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity.

While we specialize in the realm of self-purpose and conscious entrepreneurship, we also dive deep into  spirituality, parenting, the new paradigm, and so much more (check out our DayLuna™ Human Design Podcast, which has been downloaded over 2M times!)

Human Design is gaining popularity as our collective evolves toward a new paradigm.

If you are navigating a transition and looking for answers, more
alignment, purpose, abundance, connection, and community - you've made it to the right place!

Your Human Design, book by Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

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Learn Human Design

Human Design is the science of differentiation. It tells you how your energetic body is designed to specifically operate in the world around you and how to best optimize your life.

This incredibly powerful science shows us how we are all different and how we operate as completely unique individuals, towards completely unique life purposes. Each person has two main practices that they can apply to their life to help them embody their specific version of personal alignment. These two practices are called Strategy and Authority.

We love Human Design because it is practical, specific, detailed, and powerful, and it gives you the manual on how to start living your life purpose.

Your Full Potential Is Waiting For You
- Are You Ready?


Diet, Environment, & Mindset


Learn the entire human design system to support your friends, family, business & Clients

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When we have true awareness of ourselves and others, we can connect more deeply
and free ourselves to change and love the world around us.

The Deeper You Go - The Higher You Rise

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