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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 71

What is Reiki?

In this episode we have on a special guest Kristin Noelle, Reiki Master and owner of Sacred Loom. Join us as we discuss what Reiki is and how its power can be used to help us heal energetically within ourselves so that we can find forward progress in healing our collective.

Key Takeaways

  • The history, origins, and technical definition of Reiki 

  • The energetics of what is happening when you meet with a Healer that is holding space for you 

  • Our experience with the life changing benefits of Reiki 

  • Krisitn’s journey as a Manifesting Generator responding to life and finding her life’s work 

  • The collective shifts that are happening and how energy healing can be used and incorporated into our society to usher us into the new paradigm 

  • Tips for you to get the most out of a Reiki session 

  • Using technology to facilitate energy healing

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Working with Reiki for Personal & Collective HealingDayLuna Human Design Podcast
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About Kristin Noelle

Kristin is an energy healer, an artist, and a bridge between realms. Her specialty is supporting people on the cusp of new frontiers: sheddings, healings, and awakenings. Through her intuitive gifts and deep connection with spirit, she helps clear energetic blockages and welcome in a fresh flow of supportive energy and alignment. Her work leads to deepening trust - in oneself, in the process of learning and growth, and in the unseen order of things. Kristin is a certified Reiki Master, and is also certified in Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and a B.A. in International Studies. Find her on Instagram at @SacredLoom. ABOUT SACRED LOOM Sacred Loom creates contexts for healing, awakening, and deepening into trust through heart-opening art and 1:1 Reiki healing sessions.
Makenzie Marzluff

Highlights & Links

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