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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 71

The Power of Biofield Tuning

Join us for this fascinating conversation with energetic healer Akua as she teaches us about our energetic body, the intricacies of how it functions, and the role it plays in our healing. This episode also contains a beautifully led meditation and collective biofield tuning, which we know you will enjoy as much as we did!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Akua, a healer that we connected with while traveling in Costa Rica

  • What biofield tuning is

  • How resistance to emotions and conditioning can create blockages in our energetic body

  • Energy medicine and vibrational medicine - the power of vibration and our body’s ability to transform and heal

  • Common places in the body we can build up resistance and experience illness or blockages

  • Meditation and collective biofield tuning

Highlights & Links


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Understanding our Energetic Biofield with AkuaDayLuna Human Design Podcast
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About Akua


Bach Flower Therapist, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner,  Munay Ki Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Watsu Provider.

I am a world traveler, nature lover, and wellness coach, who loves working with energy medicine.  I have visited more than 50 countries where I learned valuable information to share with you.  After living in California for over 30 years, I returned to my birth place, Costa Rica.  I own a Wellness Center in the mountains of Poas, close to the magnificent Poas Volcano, the greatest crater in the world. In Ainayam Wellness, you will find a refuge to your Soul.  You will find bliss with our transformational sessions.  Rejuvenate your body and spirit by visiting this cozy Wellness Center in Sabana Redonda de Poas and experience time disappear and become One with Source.   I invite you personally to take one of my Transformational, Loving, and Self-Healing Experiences.  Learn the tools to expand your vision about yourself and feel loved.  I Offer Vibrational sessions on Land and Water. They are both Powerful and Enriching.  My main Goal is to show you how to walk in peace and empower your thoughts to create a more positive and loving Life Journey.  Take the plunge and book the experience of your Life.  If You Have Landed Here, Listen to the Call.  Just Open the Door, I Will Do the Rest. . .

Makenzie Marzluff


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