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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 71

Real Life Advice from a Manifestor Queen

Every Manifestor and any one who knows a Manifestor needs to listen to this episode! Special guest, Holly Maree (4/6 Splenic Manifestor), dives in with us to talk about allllllll things Manifestors! In this episode we discuss how to truly honor Manifestor energy and what living as a Manifestor is really like in daily life.

Key Takeaways

  • People pleasing and rebellion in healthy and unhealthy amounts 

  • Expressing Anger in a healthy way 

  • How to honor and appreciate your Not-Self Theme 

  • What is Informing and how it changes the life of a Manifestor 

  • How to parent a Manifestor child 

  • How to support your relationship with any Manifestor in your life 

  • Understanding the energetics of the Manifestors Aura 

  • The differences and similarities of Manifestors and Manifesting Generators 

  • What is feels like to have an Urge 

  • How does a Manifestor find true confidence

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Manifestor Deep Dive with Holly MareeDayLuna Human Design Podcast
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About Holly Maree

Holly Maree is a spiritual teacher bringing transformation by releasing spiritual beings powerfully into their soul-aligned purpose + mission. She is the facilitator + teacher of a thriving online community of Manifestors; a space where Manifestors feel safe, seen + empowered. She is a certified facilitator of Breathwork, Meditation + EFT, a Reiki Master, a clinical Hypnotherapist and a certified Human Design teacher.
Makenzie Marzluff

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Holly Maree

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