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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 71

What is Hypnotherapy?

Special guest Ryan Haddon, clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual coach, comes on to discuss spiritual and subconscious reprogramming.

Key Takeaways

  • What is hypnotherapy? 

  • How we can reprogram our own subconscious 

  • How to identify and transform our fears and limiting beliefs 

  • Techniques we can use when we are being triggered 

  • How we can bring awareness to the 3 most important relationships in our life 

  • How we can be empowered to live our purpose with more love and playfulness

Highlights & Links


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Hypnotherapy with Ryan HaddonDayLuna Human Design Podcast
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About Ryan Haddon

Ryan Haddon is a certified Life and Spiritual coach, Hypnotherapist, and certified Meditation teacher with over 16 years of experience with clients around the world. A sought-after public speaker for corporate retreats and wellness events, Ryan does private workshops such as “Stepping Into Your Purpose,” “The Work/Life Balance,” and “Finding Your Center.” Ryan was a keynote speaker for Visionary Women’s 2020 virtual event and a featured speaker at CAA’s 2020 global wellness event. She’s also the in-house Life Coach at Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh, where she writes mind/body/spirit articles. The daughter of an international supermodel and actress, Ryan had a wonderfully unique life growing up in Toronto, New York, and Paris. She fell in love with meditation and spirituality as a teen, which led her to travel to India where she finished high school. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in journalism, she worked for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and Good Morning America, as an on-air personality for Extra! and Court TV, and modeled for L’Oreal before transitioning into story development at a film production company. While living in Hollywood, Ryan realized she wasn’t living the life she wanted and was searching for happiness in all the wrong places. On her path of healing, she sought out mentors, healers, spiritualists, and a tribe of people to grow and learn alongside. This journey eventually led Ryan to work with other women, helping them heal from toxic relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, codependence, low self-esteem, and many other issues. In so doing, she discovered a passion for helping others, which solidified her commitment to growing and changing. Ryan was certified as a Life Coach by the International Coaching Federation, the only governing body for coaches. She was also certified as a Meditation Teacher through 200 Hour Teacher Training, and a Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a hypnotherapist, Ryan helps clients affect lasting change by working with the all-powerful subconscious mind (which runs 95% of our lives). By uncovering blocks, limiting beliefs and re-aligning the mind, body, and spirit, Ryan helps clients find their center. From that place of true power, her clients create the life they want to be living with abundance, love, and purpose. Ryan has shared her expertise and life-changing approach to spiritual mentoring, life coaching, and hypnotherapy to satisfied clients internationally. In addition to working with her clients, Ryan enjoys making jewelry like malas and necklaces. She lives on a restored historic farmhouse in Pennsylvania—originally built in 1711—with her husband and four children, where they’re working on a fully self-sufficient garden. To learn more about Ryan, visit her website: For additional information, please contact Sarah Hall Productions at 212-597-9200
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