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With this new feature, you can import feedback documents directly into the drawing, or import entire drawings into AutoCAD.You can also take a digital picture of a feedback document and import it into the drawing.View 1 – Input location for an imported document.View 2 – The imported document is displayed in the drawing.Drawing File Zoom:Let users zoom into drawing files with a single click of the mouse, thanks to new features in the AutoCAD Drafting and Design window.Make, Edit, and Delete Paths:Users can now copy and paste paths between drawings.Copy, paste, or cut paths as freehand.Improved Markup and Rotate/Scale:AutoCAD users can now do math with text. Add or subtract text values from a measurement or equation, and use that math to generate measurements or coordinates.Set text scales for all text objects in the drawing, or specific objects.The new Text Box Object in AutoCAD Drafting and Design window enables users to set fonts, text height, and text scales.Relate objects:Once you move an object, or a group of objects, to a new position, it is much easier to keep them together and work with them together.Relate objects with the new Relative To feature. Users can rotate, scale, and move objects based on one another, as long as they are all within the same drawing.Reorder objects with the new Drag and Drop option.Drag and drop objects between pages and panels in drawings.Automatic configuration and installation of software, including plug-ins:AutoCAD now can automatically install all plug-ins during the installation process.Navigate to a directory containing several plug-ins and install them automatically.All plug-ins, including Acronis True Image and AutoCAD 2017/2018, now have their own entry in the AutoCAD Application Launcher.Each plug-in has its own icon in the application launcher.In the AutoCAD Graphics menu, Windows 8.x:Right-click:Choose “Open folder”Choose “Desktop”Choose “C:\Users\Username\Desktop”In Windows 7:Right-click: 2be273e24d

AutoCAD (Final 2022)

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