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Avoid Fake letter for your ESA Dog - 2022 Guide

After the loss of a loved one or a rough breakup, it is natural to feel anxious and depressed. Your mental health will deteriorate with time if you keep your feelings bottled up. If you are not the best at sharing your feelings, you can get an emotional support animal to keep you company. Grooming, cuddling, and loving them will help you recover from your trauma quickly. While community service is a noble act, you may not have time for it. Imagine getting a financial penalty, jail time, and community service, simply because you were using a fabricated letter for your Emotional Support Dog, Serve your community because you want to, not involuntarily because you used a fake document. The community service hours can range from 20 to around 40 hours.

What is an ESA

An emotional support animal (ESA) is an animal of any species that serve the purpose of improving your mental health. Common ESAs include dogs, cats, rabbits, and even snakes. When choosing an ESA, select the one you personally find adorable. A dog is a wise choice because they are more likely to show you affection compared to cats or rabbits.

How to get an ESA

Since there is no specific training that an ESA must go through, getting one is an easy task. Just like getting a regular pet, you need to go to a pet store and get it certified. After getting diagnosed by a licensed mental health professional, you will get a legitimate esa letter. This letter is an official document that brands your pet as an ESA. This means that the law will allow them to stay with you, even if your landlord disallows pets.

A fake letter refers to any letter you obtained without consultation from a health professional. Some people pretend that their pet is an ESA to get perks. While this may be fun, it is highly illegal. Not only is using a fake letter a violation of the constitution but it is also unethical. Never put on an ESA or service animal jacket on your pet because you may have to face severe consequences.

Some penalties for Fake letter usage


Depending on your state, you may be charged with a heavy financial penalty. Some states charge a lesser amount while others charge heavily. The penalty can be any value from around $100 to $1000. Being a repeat offender may get you into a greater deal of trouble. The fine is likely to increase for repeat offenders.


You have seen tv shows and movies, right? The American prison system is something you would want to stay as far away as possible from. Pretending to be mentally or physically disabled and using a fabricated document may land you in jail along with the aforementioned financial penalty.


If you serve jail time for the fabricated document and you live alone, what will happen to your ESA? The government may take your beloved ESA away from you, and that is a risk you should never take. Imagine losing your pet simply because you were too lazy to get an official document from a licensed professional. Don’t be stupid – get your document legally.

Online scam identification

The most convenient way for you to get an official ESA document is online. Going to a therapist may be impractical due to your busy schedule. Countless online websites scam potential ESA customers. Here are some tips to judge the authenticity of an online ESA website.

We will certify or register your pet

Some websites claim that they will register your ESA with the government. Other websites state that they will certify your pet and brand them an ESA. You should know that these claims are fabricated since ESAs do not need to be registered or certified. Certification does not matter because what you need is an esa letter for dog. Without this letter, no certification or registration can brand your pet an ESA.

Enter your details and we will send your letter immediately

Getting an ESA document without a diagnosis from a health professional? That is a BIG NO! This precious document cannot be sent directly to your home without a proper procedure. Not only must you be diagnosed by a health professional, but they also need to be licensed for your state. Analyze the health professional's credentials carefully before paying the website.

Playing it safe

If you do not want to be penalized for a fabricated letter, there is an easy solution. Contact your current therapist or any relevant licensed mental health professional. To get the letter, they might ask you some questions that you have to answer honestly. There might be some tests as well, so be mentally prepared for them. After the session, the health professional will send the letter directly to your house if you are eligible. For more information, related to how to get an esa letter do visit


What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a mental health professional and ask them to draft the letter for you. In the meantime, you should search for the best breeds of dogs or cats that will make the perfect partners. If you are still having double thoughts, watch online videos and read blogs that explore the challenges and benefits of owning an ESA. It is highly recommended that you make a list of the pros and cons of owning an ESA to help finalize your decision.

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