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DayLuna Human Design Podcast Episode 8

Strategies in Real Life

Join us as we discuss all of the Strategies and how we can embody them in real life!

Key Takeaways

  • What is a strategy? 

  • When the different types practice their strategy, what rewards will they experience? What are the self-themes of those types?

  • Generator's strategy is to respond. This means being present and letting life come to you, so that you can respond in the moment. ​

  • Manifesting Generator's strategy is to respond. Their energy flows best when they slow down, let life come to them, and respond in the present moment. If a specific Man-Gen has a lot of Manifesting energy in their chart, it will also be beneficial for them to inform others about what they are going to do. 

  • Manifestor's strategy is to inform. They will experience the least resistance and attempts at being controlled when they verbally communicate to others what they are going to do or not do, before they take action. 

  • Projector's strategy is to wait for the invitation. Their wisdom will be best received by others when they allow others to recognize and ask for their guidance before they give it out. 

  • Reflector's strategy is to wait through a 28 day moon cycle. In this amount of time, the neutrino stream will pass through all of the 64 gates in the mandala and the reflector will experience all of the different ways of being. 

  • How we can all help one another practice our strategies and authorities on a daily basis, so we can experience ease and live as our highest potential.

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