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Access this free mini-course below!

In this mini-course, we walk you through all of the transits for a month (Sept 2023 as an example) to show you exactly how you may be impacted by the transits! Make sure you have your chart pulled up as you follow along, to see what applies to you!

✨ What will you learn In this Mini Course? ✨

The transits are impacting our lived experience sooo much more than we realize - and what you are experiencing is going to be different from other people, based on your chart!

In this free video mini-course you will learn:

What the transit are

How to find the transits

How to see your gate activations

Connecting Your chart to the transits

Why understanding the transits is so important for your deconditioning journey

Understanding where fear can show up in your chart with the splenic gates

..and so much more!

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