Human Design Transformational Coaching

Our individual coaching plans are designed to help you fully integrate the information Human Design has to offer into your daily life. These sessions are tailored to your lifestyle and to where you are currently in your Human Design journey. Dive deep with us into your personal awareness and gain the tools and actions steps you need to fully transform your life.

Our Basic Transformation plan offers you 3 readings, 2 box sets, and one follow up integration  coaching call. This is an excellent plan for those wanting to check in every few months while they experiment with the information themselves.

After selecting your plan below, we will contact you to set up and schedule all of your coaching sessions at dates and times that work for you.

The Human Design Readings Included in Both Plans

Initial Human Design Reading

During this reading we go over the basics of your chart including Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Definition, Open & Defined Centers, Channels, Gates, & Cross of Incarnation. This reading gives you a good foundation to find alignment and start living your design.

3 Month Human Design Reading Deep Dive

During this reading we discuss all of the Planets and the gates that they activate in your chart. This goes into the best way for you to shine, ground, attract abundance, nurture yourself, connect to your spirituality and so much more! This is a deep dive into your design and is intended to be experimented with after using your Strategy and Authority for 3 months.

6 Month PHS 4 Transformations Reading

During this reading we discuss the Color & Tone in your chart that bring awareness to your ideal diet & digestion, environment, perspective, and motivation in life. This is a next level in Human Design and is intended to only be used with your Strategy and Authority and integrated after at least 6 months after your initial reading. This intensive reading comes with a printed booklet that is mailed to you prior so you have details to refer to during the session.

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