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Birth Chart Boxes

You are the Universe, you are Energy.

This birth chart tells you the energy from each planet the very moment your energy was formed.  This is based on the date, time and place you were born. 


These insightful boxes come with tons of information on your personality traits as well as unique meditation tools tailored towards your chart. Every box is different and unique - just like you!


These also make excellent birthday gifts for anyone special in your life! 

What's Included:

  • Personalized Birth Chart Highlighting:

    • Ascending Sign

    • Sun Sign

    • Moon Sign

    • Venus Sign

    • Mars Sign

    • Mercury Sign

    • Jupiter Sign

    • Houses

    • Midheaven

    • North Node

    • South Node

    • Dharma

  • Chakra Crystals

  • Palo Santo

  • Intention Setting Candle

  • Chart Based Essential Oil

  • Chart Based Dharma Crystal 


Your birth chart is the map of the planets in our galaxy from the moment you were born. The energy of the cosmos at your time of birth imprints specific qualities onto you that stay with you for your entire life. This planetary map is the blueprint of your personality.


Learning this information about your unique personality can give you deep insight into how you think, take action, interact and express yourself, and much more. Knowing what traits are inherent to YOU gives you permission to be yourself, without judgement and to live out your unique life purpose.


Each sign is an archetype that holds a higher vibrational side and lower vibrational side. By understanding the signs, you can start to live in awareness and embody the sign’s highest vibration, which will bring out your positive, constructive attributes.


In this way, Astrology can support you in your journey to

Become your highest self


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Where does your birth chart come into play in Human Design?


Human Design is your energetic body and your birth chart describes in detail your personality (which is contained in your crown chakra in Human Design) and what traits are inherent to you there. Both are empowering to know and both give you awareness and permission to be your true self in different ways.

Human Design uses astrology from the moment you are born (your birth chart) as well as astrology from 88 days prior to your birth, when your consciousness was formed in the womb. This, combined with the I-Ching, Kabbalah System, and Hindu Chakra System all work together to create your Human Design Chart.