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Are you interested in becoming a Human Design reader? Have you been learning Human Design but want to take your training to the next level?

We have been planning a hands-on, deep dive, Human Design reader training that is going to give you all the tools and education you need to start giving readings and even start your own Human Design business! This training will be a deep dive on all aspects of the Human Design chart and will involve practice readings, live readings from us on those who attend, and will have integrative break out sessions that ensure you leave the training ready to start offering readings in your own business!

With so much information on Human Design out there, it can feel like you don't know where to start and just feel ungrounded in the material available. We want to train you to know exactly what we know and learn how to do what we do!

More details to come on everything the training will offer, but if you are serious about learning Human Design and want to train in person, fill out the form below to help us design an experience that will best suit your needs!

HD Reader Training Questionnaire

Would you travel to Costa Rica for a 7-10 day Retreat Training?
What month in 2022 would be ideal?
7-10 day accommodations include 3 meals a day and transfer to and from the airport. Would you prefer: (prices are appoximate and for accomodation only)
We have seen a few HD trainings online that range from 1-6k just for course materials. We are wanting to offer a training that is more in-depth and hands-on to have readers that are personally trained by us. How much would you realistically be looking to invest in furthering your education and business in this way? (inluding accommodation and meals):
We want to make sure to have some time for excursions and deconditioning/integration. Would you prefer:
Where are you in your Human Design journey and where do you see it going? (select all that apply)

Thanks for submitting! Keep an eye out for an announcement on course details soon!

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